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Derek Deon is a songwriter, performer, and recording artist based in Ashland, Oregon. Being a producer who enjoys using the studio and the stage as a sonic canvas, he enjoys somber, sensuous music, and copious amounts of reverb and delay in his guitar and vocal tones. As a performer born out of DIY ambitions, house venues, and a soft-spot for sappy pop songs, Derek Deon provides audiences with a soulfully vibrant energy that aims to make them swoon.

His Studio recordings can be found on most major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.) and at, along with dates and information on upcoming performances. Derek Deon's debut LP, Floating in the Backseat While the World Goes by, boasts thematic and polished production, driven by a sense of nostalgia for long drives home in the backseat of his grandparent's car, layered beneath unapologetically blunt feelings of longing, insecurity, possession, and comfort; of romance through the lens of adolescence and novelty.

For more information or to arrange an interview,
contact Deon at or (541)621-0671

Genre/Tags (for web-based promo/SEO): indie, Neo-Soul, Pop, dream pop, indie rock, indie pop